A snort and puff;liquor pours outthrough pores, flushed and fierce,and steam fills the voidwhile clanks ring. A room of trials and tracks,of rattling vibrations,of echoes and shrieks, ecstasytests fate and temps fakefigures. Disfigure in darknessshifting with grunts and moans.Broken glass and swaying, numbing.No fierce burningdeep in flesh flakes and drops. Over-encumbered actand now lazy mirrorshide … Continue reading Figures


Words are wielded like torches,unintentionally hot,accidentally unconstrained,and hit patches of flesh we did not expect. I breathe fire without insult,singe discontent, unaware,and spread consequence,burning a hole in my confidence. Leave me ash and shame,and smolder with my sorrow,as a stare deep into the embers,red as all in sight. The wildfires are strong.Don't send me if … Continue reading Wildfires

Tossing Stones

Bodi opened his eyes. After a bright flash of light, objects came into focus. He saw the stone beneath him. He could feel the cool, wet touch, parts riddled with dampened moss. Further out, he made out the mouth of the cave, water pouring down the entrance from the darkness above. He began to make out shapes in front of him. A tall, dark figure stood at the mouth, tossing stones over the edge. Bodi remembered why he was here.